Upcoming Events

As well as the regular events that take place weekly at Exchange Dublin there are also big events that take place less regularly. These events can range massively so you should keep an eye out at all times as they are constantly changing.

You never know when something you may love might be happening. These large events are almost always open to absolutely anyone regardless of age. The vast majority of the time these events are also completely free of charge, especially as some of them centre around those who would otherwise not be able to afford it.

The main goal of these larger events is to encompass a wider range of people, people of all ages and backgrounds and encourage everyone to come together for the good of the community. These events try to bring out the best in the community and try to encourage friendly behaviour amongst those who may hardly ever cross paths. A community that is connected is a stronger community. No matter the event there will always be something for everyone, from food to entertainment, everyone will find something to enjoy.

Open Cinema

Open Cinema night for teenagers in Dublin.

A very unique and worthwhile organisation, Open Cinema are a nationwide network of many film clubs. This national network is uniquely created by and specifically tailored towards homeless people and those are considered to be socially excluded.

This organisation runs throughout the whole of the UK and Ireland and has been extremely successful in the past, putting on many events all across the country.

Open Cinema aims to give those who may not otherwise have the chance normally an opportunity to program their own selection of films and attend large screening events. These large events perfectly showcase the community all banding together to support a group that they may otherwise accidentally forget about in their busy day to day lives.

The films chosen in this organisation are usually linked to extremely important social and political issues that need to be addressed. This greatly spreads the awareness of these important issues and can actually start a real change in society as the issues are now at the forefront of many people’s minds so that the next time they have an opportunity to act on those issues they can do. This organisation’s work is extremely important, and it should be advertised and attended as much as possible.

Kindness Café

Exchnage organises a regular event for vegan food preparation compleatly for free.

The Kindness Café at Exchange Dublin specialises in creating nutritious vegan meals from food waste. When a meal is finished with or ingredients are no longer wanted some of the waste can be recycled and used to create delicious vegan meals that provide a large amount of nutrients.

These nutritious vegan meals are then freely available to all who need them, making sure that everyone who requires a meal gets one. Ingredients for the meals are usually donated by kind members of the community that no longer want or need the ingredients and would rather see their food go to someone who needs it such as someone suffering from homelessness or other harsh conditions that would make finding a meal very difficult, let alone a meal that provides the nutrients that the body needs.

The Kindness Café works tirelessly to give help to those who sorely need it, no matter their circumstances. No one should have to starve just because of their personal circumstances. The Kindness Café functions solely on the kind donations of others and the selfless work of the volunteers that man the café.

The meals provided by the café are not just for those who are suffering however, should you simply want to try one of these meals then you are more than welcome to. It is greatly appreciated if you could donate some ingredients if you choose to sample the meals though as this way you are also helping countless others who come after you.

Exchange Focus

The lectors from the free photography class in Exchnage Dublin

Exchange Focus is a completely free collective photography group. This group is absolutely dedicated to all things photography. If you love snapping pics whenever you see a sunset or a particularly picturesque scene then this event is for you.

In this large-scale photography event you will be invited to come and discuss all things photography as well as show off your very own work. If you’ve been looking for a chance to get your hard-work out there then take this opportunity, you never know when you might have the chance again.

All of the local talent is then sourced into one large gallery where the finest works are displayed for the whole public to come and gaze upon them. This could be your dream come true. Seize the opportunity that’s before you.

English Language Lessons

These English language lessons hosted by Exchange are specifically tailored toward non-native speakers. These lessons will provide their participants with the basics that they need to begin to learn English. The task may seem fairly monumental, but these classes introduce the basics quickly and then slowly and gradually work on that basis of knowledge until the participants feel comfortable enough to go out into the country and find a unique voice of their own.

These lessons are designed to help build the participants’ confidence over a long duration of time so that they feel less excluded in the country that they are now living in. If Exchange stands for anything it is community.

Female Meeting Groups

Exchnage is a save community place for teenagers in Dublin.

One for the ladies, this meeting group acts as a way to celebrate femininity. In this group the members discuss many thematic ideas and philosophies that are linked to the idea of femininity and they discuss how that has shaped the female image over time, for better or for worse.

This event is tailored more towards adult discussions so there is an age limit of 18 or over for this particular event. This event is all about supporting your fellow woman and is designed to give you the confidence that many women are unfortunately lacking nowadays due to social pressures and other external factors that are beyond our control.