Regular events are a very important aspect of Exchange Dublin. They have been for years and will always continue to be. The events range from live gigs with live instruments and singers to live performances of ballet or theatre. There really is a huge range of different events to enjoy and all occur on a regular basis.

Exchange believe that by hosting events for the public they encourage the youth population to participate in something that may be a little outside of their comfort zone. The youth may not initially want to join in and perform in front of people but if they are encouraged enough then it will likely develop their self-esteem and many skills such as communication.

All events are completely open to all ages and the vast majority of the events are completely free of charge, meaning that absolutely anyone can join in. If you’re a youth in Dublin, then there is absolutely no excuse to not join in the fun for yourself. Take centre stage and find your very own spotlight, you will most likely love it and cherish the experience for years to come. You can take the memories with you throughout the entirety of your life, remembering the friends you made along the way and all you accomplished.

Art Workshops

Art workshop for the kids.
One of the most popular choices for Exchange is the art workshops. These art workshops occur on a weekly basis at a regular time and they are completely free of charge, meaning that anyone can come and get creative.

Feel free to sit back and let your creativity take you over as you use the tools at your disposal to make and create something that is wholly unique and original.

Art is one of the greatest aspects of mankind, it allows us to explore our inner emotions and express them in a way that is unique to oneself. No one art project is the same as another. Come and try your hand and see what you can make, it doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t even have to be good! It just has to be something that you yourself are proud of.

Cultural Exhibitions

Occasionally, Exchange hosts exhibitions that showcase a particular country’s culture. These exhibitions are constantly changing so that you never see the same country twice. These exhibitions are a great way of easily learning about cultures that you didn’t know much about before.

The art that is sourced for these exhibitions is always truly unique and perfectly encapsulates the culture of the chosen country. Occasionally speakers from that country will come and give a guided tour around the exhibition, making the whole experience feel very authentic.

Fitness Classes

The fitness classes are held regularly and they have a small fee of 5 euro.
Another highly popular event that is always talked very highly of is the regular fitness classes. These fitness classes run on a weekly basis and really help to give your mind and body that much sought-after push to really better itself.

Because of the high demand of the classes and their length, a small fee is applied. The small price for these professionally-run fitness classes is only five euros per hour which is much cheaper than any gym subscription and you are given all the support you could ever need.

These classes are a great way of staying in shape whilst also being a great way to meet new people and raise your own self-esteem in the process.

Yoga Classes

Much like the fitness classes, these yoga classes are in constant high demand and are extremely popular with everyone who participates in them. Running on a weekly basis, these classes only cost five euros per hour to join which is much cheaper than other professionally-run yoga classes.

Yoga is a great way to centre the mind and the body and combine them to give your whole spirit a boost. Yoga is perfect for those who are feeling a little stressed in their day to day life and those who feel the need to just get away from their worries for an hour or two and focus their mind on the important matters such as their own wellbeing.

All-Day Computer Game Competition

The teens in Dublin can enjoy a full day of computer gaming at Exchange.
Exactly as the title implies, this event is an all-day gaming competition. Not much is better than plugging in that controller and settling in for some gaming with your best friends. This competition is a great way to combine the freeing and fun nature of computer games with a more competitive spirit.

These days are always very exciting and only serve to get more intense and thrilling as the day goes on and the pool of those who are victorious starts to dry out. After the day is done, you’ll be desperate for the next competition.

Two Hour Creative Workshop

In this two-hour creative workshop participants are taken on a fascinating journey through the wide world of art history. The first hour is dedicated solely to finding out how art originated and how it has become such a monumental part of humanity’s development.

The second hour of this creative workshop is dedicated to making your very own art based on what you have learned just before. This gives you the unique opportunity to both learn and create, a winning combination to be sure. Feel free to spend this hour exploring your own interests and developing your own ideas of what art is. Art is everywhere, so embrace it!

Reading Group

Every week a handful of participants come together to share their personal thoughts on a book they have been reading. Sometimes each individual discusses their own choice of book, expressing their own feelings on it and giving it a recommendation rating.

Other times the group chooses one specific book to read together so that the discussion involves everyone at the same time. This event is a great way to develop those communication skills as well as reading skills, an always-important skill to have in life. Feel free to be yourself during these meet ups, no one will judge you for having your own opinion.