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about the venue and the non profit organisation

Exchnage is a save community place for teenagers in Dublin.



It is located in the very heart of Dublin itself. It is a completely volunteer-based arts centre that prides itself on bringing communities together. Exchange is an organisation that is 100% non-profit based, everything they do is for the people of Dublin and anyone else who attends the centre.

One of the main goals that Exchange strives for is social wellbeing. They believe that communities of all backgrounds and types should come to Exchange offers agether and join forces to create beautiful works of art that perfectly demonstrate the positive aspects of society.

Exchange offers a free gallery in which this work can be showcased. Special exhibitions are often created in order to show one particular piece of art or one particular theme. Exchange sees itself as an open invitation to the whole city of Dublin and beyond. They want to provide a safe place where people of all ages and backgrounds can join hands and create pieces of art that they are proud of.

They are organising fun and interesting events for the kids.

What Do

They Do?

Exchange Dublin offers many different outlets that try to accompany as many people as possible. They provide discussions in which a large group of like-minded people can all sit down and discuss what they want to create and how they will go about achieving this. This develops everyone’s people skills and communication skills as they are taught how to listen to each other and take turns to talk.

Exchange also hosts gigs where people can perform their art in a musical fashion and they have a real-life audience that are there to support them. Exchange hosts a large number of performance workshops and gives the opportunity for the performers of the pieces to bring their vision to life on the stage in front of a live audience. These workshops and performances vary from physical theatre to dance and other visual arts.

Exchange is the unique way to spend the Valentine's day with the love of your life. Think about it. The day of love is just around the corner and Exchange is a great place to celebrate it. Performing an art, participating in a workshop or craft course will be amazing surprise for one of the kind and a happy valentines day.

Various craft courses are also provided by Exchange where you can create anything you want using the tools provided by the centre. Exchange also has frequent events on a weekly basis so make sure you check that calendar for what’s coming up in the near future!

Is it safety to be part of the community?

A Safe


Exchange offers a completely safe space for the youth of Dublin to explore art and socially interact with each other on a regular basis. The venue is a completely alcohol-free and drug-free space, so they needn’t worry about any violent or erratic behaviour taking place.

The regular events that are hosted there are also open to people of all ages, so everyone is welcome to participate. Community is their number one priority. A happier and closer community is a happier world.

The staff at the venue are all volunteers, meaning that they are there because they want to be, because they too truly believe in community message that the Exchange wants to send.

The volunteers mainly consist of young teenagers and young adults who all want to spend their free time helping others and bringing their community together. They are not simply there just because they have to be.

any different creative worksops.
The kids can enjoy painting in an art class.
They are organising local chess turniers.

The Main


This non-profit organisation is founded on multiple core beliefs. These core beliefs have always been at the very heart of the company and will always continue to remain at the heart of the company.

Everything that Exchange does is based solely on these core principles. Exchange originally set out to create a safe, alcohol and drug free environment for the youth of Dublin. They wanted to make it available for absolutely anyone and everyone, so it is open to all ages and is mostly free for all involved.

They strongly believe in the arts and their ability to create whole new experiences for people and create social connections that can greatly help people and develop vital skills for future life.

The work of the youth will always be supported by Exchange because of this fact. Exchange runs on volunteers only so that it remains a non-commercial space where everyone in the venue is there because they desire to be. Fresh ideas and new opinions are always welcomed at the Exchange, it plays a crucial role in developing both the political and cultural fabric of Dublin city itself.

Exchange prides itself on the work it does to encourage political, social and philosophical discussion. At the Exchange, everything can be discussed, and every thought or opinion is welcome. Developing skills is a core founding of this organisation, they strongly believe that regular participation in group activities can greatly benefit the youth by developing their skills, therefore giving them the necessary elements that they need for future life.

Perhaps the most important belief, however, is that everyone should be enjoying themselves at all times, whether it is during group discussions, live performances, arts workshops, it is absolutely critical that everyone involved is enjoying their time at the Exchange Dublin.

The atmosphere in Exchange Dublin feels very art.
Group exsibition in Exchange Dublin.

Cracking Down on

Anti-Social Behaviour

The Exchange provides an outlet for the youth of Dublin where they otherwise might not have one. For example, if a teenager is suffering at home and they do not feel comfortable or welcome anywhere else then the Exchange aims to provide a safe place for that teenager where they can finally feel comfortable.

They want to provide a venue that can be used as a meeting place where they can learn to feel more comfortable around other people, hopefully creating strong bonds and friendships that will last them a lifetime.

Exchange is open till late for this very reason, in case anyone who goes does not feel comfortable anywhere else they can instead stay at the venue for a long duration of their free time so that they do not feel as bad about returning home as they have enjoyed their time at Exchange. This is extremely important for the organisation as they set out to try and reduce the amount of anti-social behaviour in the youth population of Dublin.

Hopefully, through their innovative and caring organisation and venue, less of the youth population will act out in anti-social ways as they now have a safe outlet if they need it.


organised events





best events

Super fun and entertaining yoga class

yoga class

all ages

Exchange is timulating the reading of books by keeping alive the reading groups.

reading group

separated by age

Get yourself creative in a 2 hour workshop.

creative workshop

all ages

Fitness classes 2 times a week

fitness classes

for 16+ years

Art exhibition in Exchange Dublin

cultural exhibitions

all ages

Challenging Computer games Competition

computer games competition

for 16+ years

learn more

participants say’s

peter sims

school boy

I am having a lot of fun here and I already have many new friends.

nicol mayer


I notice a positive difference in his behaviour lately. When he told me about going on an event will 10pm at first I was a little scared, but after I visited Exchange Dublin multiple times for my yoga class I can say that it is a safe place for all ages.

mark maddox


It is a great place of cultural environment where you can get inspired of the yong generation.

athena blevins

fitness instructor

I am really impressed how many teens come here every time on my classes not only to meet each other but to train and get fit.

get in touch

  • 29 Bachelors Walk, North City, Dublin 1, D01 AX90, Ireland
  • info@exchangedublin.ie
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