About the Organisation

Young volunteers from the exchnage dublin community

Exchange Dublin’s core ideals follow a very simple pattern. They wish to encourage the youth to come together and create projects that they are proud to be working on, make bonds and friendships that will last a lifetime, bring the community together through special events and help those who truly need it. And the most important core belief; all of this should be available for free. The community in Dublin deserves a safe space that is completely alcohol-free and drug-free. A space that can be used for any creative purpose possible. A space that young people can call a home away from home.

The venue is operated solely by volunteers who are not paid for their continuous hard work. They are there purely because they enjoy it, and they enjoy helping others. This organisation is completely non-profit meaning that any money that is donated or fundraised for the organisation is immediately funnelled back into the community without a penny to spare. This money goes towards new and exciting activities that are provided to the community, usually, completely free of charge.

Exchange is usually open from 11am to 11pm on most days but this is subject to change depending on staff that have volunteered and any special events that may have been planned. It is important that the venue stays open until late as many young people feel as though they cannot go home after school as the environment may be toxic. That is why Exchange offers their venue completely free of charge so that anyone struggling with issues at home can come and feel comfortable somewhere else.

Exchange is open to absolutely everyone. While there may be a particular emphasis on the youth side of the community it is equally as important to acknowledge the rest of the community. That is why Exchange offers their venue for free for people of all ages. Certain activities may be aimed at a younger audience and some are aimed at an older audience but for the vast majority of the time there is no age limit on who can attend what.

It is very important to this organisation that those who are in dire need of help can come to Exchange and receive the relief and help that they require. That is why Exchange has specific events that are centred around the socially excluded such as the homeless. Events such as the Kindness Café greatly help the homeless community by offering them food that is packed full of nutrients completely for free.

The venue is open until 11pm
as many young people don't want to go home after school
as the environment may be bad.